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How did they Vote? Are our representatives in Government voting Constitutionally?

Benefits of finding out what our representatives are doing!

At first they say that they are working to help everyone, but on closer inspection you can see that they are only helping themselves.
They were voted in to defend and protect the constitution, and if they fail to perform this sacred task, they must be held to answer for failing to do so.

Some Vital Tips

Avoid news channels like CNN CNBC and other mainstream media outlets.

Listen to talk radio.

Get involved with your local political party

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Dis-Armament Warning

What really Happens When a Government Dis-arms its citizens

Dis-Armament Warning

1911 — Turkey disarms its citizens….Afterward, 1.5 million Armenians are murdered

1929 — Russia disarms its citizens….Over the next 24 years, 20 million Russians are murdered

1935 — China disarms its citizens….Between 1948 and 1952 20 million Chinese are murdered

1938 — Germany disarms its citizens….Over the next 7 years, 6 million Jews are murdered

1956 — Cambodia disarms its citizens….1975-1977  1 million Cambodians are murdered

1964 — Guatemala disarms its citizens….Then murders 100,000 Mayans

1911 — Uganda disarms its citizens….Over the next 10 Years, 300,000 Christians are murdered

2012 — Venezuela disarmed it’s citizens….Right now we are seeing the results

Gun sale Businesses are thriving

With the people seeing what is happening in Washington DC, they are preparing for the worst possible scenario.